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Wow. Just wow. That is fantastic. And such a unique idea as well!

I-C-Art responds:

Oh my gosh thank you! I worked really hard all year to eventually come up with this idea, it goes hand in hand with my other piece of a robotic red squirrel which all relates to the artists I've studied. The piece represents red squirrels eventually being able to live in most parts of the UK again as they grey squirrels took over. So the mechanical side represents the rising above and looking to the future while the decaying grey squirrel shows how it will no longer dominate the land - in case you were curious about the symbolism, very weird I know haha

Literal LOL

I like the unique perspective of the view. I think it could use a bit more color variation, and a lot more contrast between light and dark. And maybe something the foreground, hang on. Wait wait. Hold up. You did this with a mouse????? Are you a wizard??

jermaine1995 responds:

Lol thanks, its my first landscape only painting, I don't have digital tablet yet so all my drawings are made using a mouse, just takes lots of practice thanks alot for the input

Wow. Just wow.

SketchedDog responds:

I tried my best! Thanks! :D

Incredible! Very well done. I love the fingerprint on the vest. XD

XD It just got more WTF as I scrolled further. That's legitimately unsettling.

Is that a burning giraffe?.......

JoannaChlopek responds:

From Dali's "Burning Giraffe" painting?

This must have taken you a long time. it's nice, I like the overall color.

It's a bit busy. I can hardly tell objects apart. I'm sure there are many ways to help fix this, maybe with a less scribbly style. Or maybe create some tonal variation between items to visually separate them. I do really like the color though.

Needs for bulge. ;P

Very nice lighting and I love the large paws and strong pose.

KillaMaaki responds:

Thank you :D

Just another artist, doing what he loves. Thank you Newgrounds for facilitating my passion.

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